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    Deciding to Sue a Patent Infringer

    Filing a patent infringement lawsuit requires consideration to numerous values prior to making a decision. Suing needs to be something you believe is the right step, otherwise it is bound to become a headache the size of the Grand Canyon weighing you down. Lawsuits are typically filed when the infringed upon feels they have lost or are likely to lose revenue as a result of the patent infringement. A lawyer’s advice can prove to be invaluable when making a decision whether or not to sue a patent infringer.

    Filing a lawsuit typically requires having confidence in the lawyer. Patents are filed and granted on the basis of having a unique idea or invention. Having the right to market a particular product or invention exclusively can be very profitable. Protecting that right and those profits are why we have laws in the first place. Filing a lawsuit is as important as standing up for any other law protected right of free enterprise as explained on https://www.canyon-news.com/how-inventhelp-can-assist-you-as-a-new-inventor/106365.

    While not all lawsuits are filed based on the infringers deceit or attempt to defraud, however it takes the investigative power of a high quality lawyer to determine whether the patent infringement was based on malicious intent. Those who attempted it with malice are perfectly deserving of the judgment that may ultimately be awarded to the victim.

    Taking any potential case to most lawyers will naturally result in a discussion of a lawsuit. After all, patent infringement law is their specialty. However, a lawyer can take the time to explain all your options if you are not comfortable with the idea of filing a lawsuit.

    However it is typically in a victim’s best interest to file a lawsuit basically as soon as the infringement is discovered. It does have a statute of limitations, and a victim can not change their mind later and file the lawsuit. It is well explained in https://www.econotimes.com/How-You-Can-Benefit-from-Turning-to-the-InventHelp-Experts-1577312 article.

    Lawyers understand the very technical and intense laws that coincide with lawsuits. A good lawyer can decipher these intricate and difficult to understand laws and advise you of how a victim typically goes about each step of filing a lawsuit. Keeping close contact with your lawyer will make the process more understandable and of course smoother as you near an actual trial date.

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    Patent Practice


    Patent searches may be “quick and dirty” or extensive and in-depth looks into the existing patents, patent applications, and other publications that already exist in technologies related to your idea. The patent laws do not require you to perform a search prior to submitting a patent application, but it may be very useful under various circumstances.

    There are many free tools that you yourself may use to perform a patent search such as the USPTO website or even Google Patents. However, an attorney or a patenting company, like InventHelp, will likely provide faster and better results. Most law firms primarily use these same tools. In addition, other software can be utilized to perform more extensive searches.


    Although drafting may be the first written step in the process, a good patent truly begins with a properly fleshed-out idea that can be presented as patentable subject matter. “Ideas” alone are not patentable subject matter.

    And drafting may be performed in different manners for different subject matter. The major components that will be drafted include a detailed written description, the claims, and the drawings. Each component is vital to a successful patent application.


    Once your patent has been drafted to your satisfaction, it is filed with the USPTO. Filing can be done by mail or by the Electronic Filing System (EFS). EFS, the preferred method, is cheaper, faster, and more reliable. Filing begins the process of “prosecuting” your patent through the patent office.

    Although the word “prosecution” may stir up images of Law & Order with an accused murderer being hammered with questions on the witness stand, the patent prosecution process is considerably less intense. Essentially, the patent attorney and the patent examiner correspond by letter discussing whether or not your patent application passes the tests of the U.S. patent laws.

    However, most patents applications are not even examined for at least a year, maybe two. They are typically published after 18 months and examined, shortly thereafter, for a first time. Yes, a first time. Most are examined at least a second time, and many others are examined multiple times.

    Your application may be rejected entirely during those times or parts of it may be rejected. The entire patent prosecution process may last for 3-5 years before your patent is granted and involve many ups, downs, and lateral moves.


    You may not be interested in obtaining a patent but would simply like a professional opinion about your situation and invention ideas. Perhaps you would like to know whether or not you are infringing someone else’s patent, or you may want to explain to potential investors the type of patent protection your invention may be capable of receiving.

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    Laws That Help Creators and Innovators

    In a creative environment, cutting edge ideas and “outside of the box” thinking can make or break any business. Intellectual property law was created to prevent your unique ideas and concepts from being put to use by others.

    A good intellectual property attorney will know these laws thoroughly and use them to protect your work from being copied or plagiarized. If you are a creative entrepreneur or forward thinking professional intellectual property protection will keep your ideas working for you.

    Intellectual property laws provide a measure of security allowing freedom of expression and innovation in the professional world to thrive. The laws are in place to help creators and innovators reap the benefits of their laborious efforts as explained in https://arizonawet.arizona.edu/users/key-steps-patent-idea-through-inventhelp article.

    To an entrepreneur or young business person intellectual property may be the most important asset for fostering a successful and lucrative company. Intellectual property laws are important tools for ensuring your right to benefit from the results of your hard work.

    Choosing The Right Attorney

    Finding intellectual property lawyer is a very important step in the development of your business or product. To be sure that you have complete rights to your innovative idea, design, or product, you should work closely with intellectual property lawyer to ensure that you have taken the right precautions to protect it.

    Copyrights, trademarks, and patents are valuable tools you can utilize in the development of your idea, and intellectual property attorneys can help you acquire them.

    Intellectual property attorneys may be easy to find, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to find the right one. A lawyer may claim to have knowledge of intellectual property law, but only a solid reputation and true experience count.

    Look for intellectual property lawyer that is well versed in the details of the legislation, and has a solid track record of representation and case studies of assisting businesses with their intellectual property protection needs. If you choose the right firm, intellectual property attorney can be your most trusted business partner.

    Contact An Attorney Today

    The professional intellectual property attorneys at InventHelp, are experts in US intellectual property law and are ready to provide information and assistance to you. Don’t delay- the protection and the successful future of your business depend on you!

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    Requirements To Obtain A Patent

    The question of whether a particular invention is “patentable” is a complex issue that has been the subject of thousands of legal decisions. For that reason, it is not possible to summarize all that is required for an invention to be “patentable.”

    Generally, an invention must be “novel” and not “obvious.” The novelty test merely requires that there be some difference between the inventive product or process and other prior products or processes. The differences need not be major. In fact, the most valuable patented inventions are often small modifications or improvements over the prior products or processes. If any difference at all exists between the prior art and the new invention, then the new invention is “novel” as described in https://www.hngn.com/articles/227862/20200113/what-can-the-experts-at-inventhelp-do-for-you.htm article. For that reason, most inventions meet the test of novelty.

    It is generally difficult for an inventor to make a determination of whether a particular invention would have been obvious. In fact, the patent law refers to improper holdings of obviousness as being based upon “hindsight.” That is, once you know what the invention is, it may appear obvious. Many good inventions seem obvious once you understand how they are constructed or operate. The legal question is, however, whether an invention would have been obvious before the invention was made.

    For the above reasons, it is not typically advisable for an inventor who is not well versed in patent law to attempt to make a determination of whether a particular invention is “patentable.” Rather, the inventor should ask whether the invention provides benefits which were not available before the invention was made. If the invention does provide a benefit, then it is advisable to contact an experienced patent attorney or an patenting agency such as InventHelp.

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    What You Should Know About Software Patents

    Let’s assume you’ve created the “killer app” – a new software application that will transform computing. Now let’s imagine you’re paranoid (or justifiably concerned, as some businesspeople would say) that a big company will create a knock-off of your new application and run away with all the money and fame. How do you keep that from happening? Why, you get a software patent, of course.

    How do you patent software?

    Well, actually, you can’t patent software itself. The lines of computer code written in a given computer language are covered by copyright, but they can’t be patented. What you CAN patent, however, is a method or process for accomplishing something new, useful, novel and non-obvious. If your application is as transformational as you think it is, it no doubt includes at least one new technique so novel that it qualifies as an invention.

    If you can’t patent software, what is a software patent?

    When the invention covered by a patent requires a computer and computer software to implement it, the patent is unofficially referred to as a software patent. Everyone understands that what has actually been patented is the underlying method or process implemented by the software as seen in https://www.natureworldnews.com/articles/43137/20200108/why-inventhelp-is-a-great-resource-for-new-inventors.htm post.

    Can anyone get a software patent?

    Anyone who invents a new, useful, novel, non-obvious method or process can apply for a patent.

    What is different about a software patent compared to other types of patents?

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recognizes only three types of patents:

    Utility patent – protects a new and useful process, machine, article of manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement of the same
    Design patent – protects a new and original ornamental design for an article of manufacture
    Plant patent – protects a distinct and new variety of asexually reproduced plant

    For a software-implemented invention, you would apply for a utility patent. The fact that the invention requires software to implement it does not affect the criteria for patent protection. The application process is also exactly the same as for any other utility patent. It is all explained in https://www.latinpost.com/articles/143207/20200108/why-new-inventors-need-assistance-from-inventhelp.htm article.

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    Secure your US priority date for patent protection in all PCT Countries

    If you file a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) international patent application within one year of filing a patent application in the US, you are considered to have filed in each PCT foreign country on the same day as the initially filed application in the US. This 12-month time limit is NOT extendable.

    Once the 12-month time limit is passed the application can no longer use the initial US filing date as the foreign filing date. Although the U.S. grants a patent to the first inventor, most foreign laws operate on a first to file basis. Therefore, the first person to file an application is entitled to the patent, not the first to invent as you can see from this article on https://inspirationfeed.com/how-inventhelp-can-help-you-protect-your-invention/.

    Filing patent applications in individual foreign countries is very expensive because of separate filing fees and translation costs. Filing a PCT international patent application lessens the initial burden of these fees by streamlining the foreign patent application process. This one international patent application secures the US priority date and delays entry into the national phase for up to 31 months from the US priority date.

    By filing a PCT international patent application:

    • Provide protection to the invention in a large number of countries.
    • Gain the extra time needed to investigate commercial possibilities abroad.
    • Receive an International Search Report (ISR) containing relevant cited prior art for the evaluation of protecting the invention.
    • Receive a non-binding written opinion giving information on the patentability of the invention.

    The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) was formed in 1970 between most countries to streamline filing for foreign patent protection. The formal requirements of all international patent applications are regulated by the Treaty. You can find more useful information about patenting process on https://www.oddee.com/how-inventhelp-can-assist-new-inventors/.

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    What patent services do provide?

    Prior to deciding to pursue a patent application, you may want a patent search performed. Different levels of analysis can be performed on patents that may cover your invention.

    If prior art does exist that covers your invention, an infringement opinion can also be prepared. This is a detailed report on whether or not a product or a process you are using in your business is infringing upon an existing patent.

    Should I have a patent search performed?

    In theory, any invention is capable of obtaining patent protection as the claims could be written in such a narrow way that they only cover the exact embodiment of the invention the inventor has come up with as written on https://www.techtimes.com/articles/246245/20191127/why-inventhelp-is-essential-for-entrepreneurs.htm.

    A patent search then gives you a reasonable idea as to other prior existing art in the area of your invention to see exactly how narrow your claims would have to be to obtain a patent.

    If the prior art suggests that only very narrow claims have a reasonable chance of being allowed, the cost of the patent application process may be prohibitive. A detailed and prompt discussion regarding the prior art will help you make an informed decision whether to pursue a patent.

    Do I need an infringement opinion prepared?

    An infringement opinion can be very helpful if you are going to place a product in commerce. If you start selling a product, and it can be later shown that you were aware of a patent that you may be infringing, you can be liable for additional damages.

    By obtaining an infringement opinion from an patent attorney or an patent agency, like InventHelp, you can avoid the extra damages.

    An infringement opinion will include a point by point analysis of an existing patent and how the patent compares to your product. A conclusion as to whether a good-faith argument for non-infringement can be made.

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    How to choose the best type of truck

    The choice of the type of truck to be purchased should always be made very carefully, knowing the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each. You also need to know what job possibilities the vehicle can offer to see if they are compatible with your personal expectations.

    So, it is interesting that when researching your options, the trucker has the help of a dealership sales consultant. This expert has accurate information provided by the automaker, and has the experience to indicate the best vehicle for you.

    After all, we are talking about a big investment, starting a business of our own in the road transport business and as such should be well planned. Because, as has been said, the wrong choice can lead to disproportionate costs to revenue, underperformance, or severe wear, accelerating the depreciation of the truck .

    So, before you go looking, make the following considerations:

    Type of cargo to be carried

    Knowing which cargo variety you are going to work with is one of the most important steps in deciding which truck to purchase. After all, there are several possible body configurations that will influence the purchase price of the vehicle and the cost of maintenance.

    In addition, certain types of truck are more widely used than others in certain branches of road transport. The most common body options are:

    Simple chest: closed body for the transport of loose dry cargo such as boxes, bags, bales, residential and commercial changes, drums and materials that need protection against damage that the weather or travel may cause;

    Low grade: also used for loose dry loads, but because it is open, it offers no protection to products. Thus, it is more commonly used for transporting sturdy goods (such as steel sheets, building materials, wood and machinery parts) or for reels at shorter distances;

    Bulk carrier: ideal for dry bulk cargoes that do not require packaging such as cereals, grains, fertilizers and fertilizers, and can be used to transport the same goods carried in a low-grade bodywork;

    Refrigerated or refrigerated chest: used for perishable cargo requiring low temperatures and protection from the weather such as meat, frozen foods, dairy products and fresh consumer products;

    Tank: body suitable for the transport of bulk liquids, both food (drinking water, milk and juices, for example) and hazardous (such as gasoline, ethanol, natural gas and chemicals);

    sider chest: because it has a lateral opening, it is ideal for the movement of palletized products, boxes and crates, for example, which also do not need much protection, because it is closed by canvas;

    Tipper bucket: has backflow discharge. It is used to transport sand, earth, gravel, cement and other bulk materials;

    Platform: for moving vehicles and machines depending on the size of the platform and the size of the truck on which it is installed;

    Container port: less common, but very cost effective, is used in port areas to unload and load containers, as it has its own attachment for this type of cargo.

    Hyundai has all these types of trucks to choose from. Hyundai is the best choice if you are on a budget and you need to start your operations fast. Hyundai trucks are very affordable, high quality trucks and will get the job done as you can learn from gia xe tai Hyundai MPC. There you will find all types of Hyndai trucks listed with reviews, so you can make the right choice for your business.

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    Pet Info And Tips You have to Read

    Cats are fundamental totally different from humans. Aside from them all becoming covered in coat in addition to walking on all fours, they have diverse diet requirements. There happen to be particular foods that some sort of cat have to eat, and even some that a kitten can’t eat. The right after write-up can give a person some dietary ways to aid you in feeding your cat.

    If your pet cat unexpectedly goes off it is feed for no clear reason, consider tempting snacks such as plug in mackerel, tuna, or lotion involving chicken soup in small amounts. These are not necessarily finished foods and ought not to be provided long expression, but they are particularly yummy to cats. Some sort of finicky cat may start eating yet again and maintain on when offered one of these treats.

    Create sure to keep your cat’s litter box clean constantly. Most cats do definitely not like to employ a dirty kitty box, much like you might not want to make use of a dirty bathroom. Details it in very least when a day. Empty and allow this a good washing once a week or more if expected.

    Some sort of heated tile with regard to beneath your cat’s sleep can certainly provide real convenience. Anyone can do this just with a terra cotta tile measuring a new main square foot. Heated with your cooker around 200 certifications, this can be ready in around 15 minutes. Wrap that in a towel that’s previous and then place this under the mattress the feline sleeps upon. You can easily even switch that out and about every few several hours.

    Kittens and cats are constantly grooming on their own, and this is precisely why they rarely require a bathtub. If your cat climbs into something particularly stinky, a shower will not hurt these individuals. If the cat does not like drinking water you may well want to wear hand protection so you do not have scratched. You might as well want to enlist the help of a friend as well as family member.

    Have your own personal kids help you take care associated with the cat. Assign day-to-day jobs such as serving the cat and cleaning the litter box. Definitely not only can taking health care of the cat instruct them accountability, it in addition provides a break by these tasks. Because of this an individual can spend more time cuddling together with your cat.

    Make sure to keep compounds and unsafe substances off from your cat. Chemicals such as antifreeze have a sweet preference. This encourages the particular kitten to drink the idea, most often causing deadly consequences. Keeping your chemicals locked up in a good cabinet will help for you to ensure that your wondering cat does not conclude up ingesting poison.

    In case your cat is usually antisocial and stressed together with company, try giving it a good catnip toy a very few hours before organization gets there. Many cats become quite mellow when encountered with catnip. Even if Petsium does not want in order to get friendly immediately after catnip publicity, this being more content and less anxious.

    Whatever your own personal cat eats is dependent upon what you feed this. Giving your cat negative food will put the health in peril and possibly end it has the life. Should you give it food suited for the idea, the feline will succeed. Keep this kind of article handy and even stick to it closely if it’s feasting time.

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    Make A Good Impression With Designer Handbags

    People who buy signature handbags are people who take their appearance seriously. They are people who will not compromise character and substance! These are no-nonsense people.

    If you want to be one them and invest on your personality and character, then get yourself a Celine Handbag. This handbag is indeed stylish and its style has been known to be unique and bold. As a matter of fact, Celine designs are ever-changing and innovative, so the collections of handbags bearing this label can also be referred to as diverse. At closer inspection of each of the design and artistry of Celine handbags, you will see that they are made with in thorough attention even to minor detail and with sophisticated mind. This comes as no surprise to those who are an avid users of signature handbags, because they are all aware that Celine products are individually handcrafted by skilled artisan.

    With its style, elegance, and ever-changing design, Celine Handbags are the favorite of famous celebrities like, Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Shania Twain and many others. These celebrities are proud owners of a Celine, they flaunt it and show it to the world. Having one of these handbags would definitely make you their equal fashionably speaking and since there are some really authentic high quality replica handbags to purchase online, there is no excuse not to have one.

    One great thing about these handbags is that they come in variety of accessories. They come to mean more than just a standard bag. Celine has a wide range of products, and these include pillows, cardholders, mini bags, pillboxes, compacts, shoulder bags, tote bags and and many others. As a matter of fact, now, Celine design are making a fashion statement with their cell phone purses, they look like miniature handbags. These purses are intended to keep you fashionable while carrying your cellphone.